The RadarConf ’17 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the Tutorials selected for the 2017 Conference. This year we have organized several tracks by subject matter in addition to a an excellent, wide-ranging selection of in-depth, specialized topics. Tutorial registration may be done at any time from the start of conference on-line registration up to the tutorial date using on- site registration. Printed sets of presentation material will be provided to each registrant for the specific tutorials for which they have registered.

Phased Array Antenna Track
Electronic Scanned Array (ESA) Design T-01 0800 Monday John S Williams, Aerospace Corp (ret)
Adaptive Array Antennas: Principles and Applications T-05 1300 Monday Randy L. Haupt, Colorado School of Mines Mark C. Leifer, Ball Aerospace

Dense Spectrum Track
RF Convergence – Joint Communications and Radar Spectrum Sharing T-06 1300 Monday Daniel Bliss, Arizona State University
Noise Radar – unlimited waveform diversity SISO and MIMO radars T-09 1800 Monday Krzysztof Kulpa, Univ. of Warsaw