Organizing Committee

  • General Chair: Dr. Daniel J. Sego, The Boeing Company
  • General co-Chair: Dr. David A. Whelan, The Boeing Company
  • Technical Chair: Dr. Martie Goulding, MDA Systems LTD
  • Technical co-Chair: Prof. Yasao Kuga, University of Washington
  • Technical co-chair:Dawn Gidner, Honeywell
  • University Chair: Prof. John Sahr, University of Washington
  • Finance Chair: Dr. Tim Lee, The Boeing Company
  • Tutorials Chair: Dr. Brian Cordill, The Boeing Company
  • Student Program Chair: Derek Smolka, The Boeing Company
  • Special Sessions Chair: Dr. Sumit Roy, University of Washington
  • Publicity Chair: Dr. Bill Correll, Jr. MDA Information Systems LLC
  • Publications Chair: Dr. Gordon Farquharson, UW Applied Physics Lab
  • International Participation Chair: Prof. Hugh Griffiths, University College London
  • Exhibits Chair: John Mower, UW Applied Physics Lab
  • Women in Engineering (WIE) Chair: Dr. Irena Atov, Microsoft
  • AES Seattle Chapter Chair: Tyler Marshall
  • Committee Advisor: John Milan
  • Conference Advisor: John S. Williams

Advisory Council

  • Dr Mark Davis, IEEE AESS
  • Dr. Iram Weinstein, IEEE AESS
  • Prof. Shannon Blunt, Kansas University

Event Coordinator: Patty Woodard, STB Event Planning

Exhibits Coordinator: Brian Woodard, STB Event Planning